Top Tier Impact Group launch world’s first Global Impact Awards for start-ups

top tier impact awards

The Top Tier Impact (TTI) Group today announces the launch of its inaugural Global Impact Awards to celebrate start-ups around the world at the cutting edge of sustainability and positive impact.

As the first of their kind globally, the TTI Global Impact Awards exclusively celebrate the most innovative companies leading the way to deliver sustainability for net-zero emissions and radically embed equality across all their business practices.

The awards will recognise sustainability-focused companies across eight categories: agriculture and food, consumer and retail, financial services, education and media, energy and environment, healthcare and wellbeing, sustainable cities and real estate, diversity and inclusion. The judges include Billy Zane, impact investor and Hollywood actor, Melchior de Muralt, microfinance pioneer and founder of the multibillion dollar asset manager BlueOrchard, Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist named one of Time’s 100 most influential people, and Arizona Muse, model and sustainability consultant.

With partners such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, Top Tier Impact is the leading global ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals focused on solving the most critical issues of our time. With over 500 members across 40 countries, its mission is to accelerate the adoption of best practices in impact and sustainability in the running of companies.

Ahead of World Environment Day on 5th June, 2021, and in line with The Paris Agreement, businesses across all economic sectors have an important role to play in the mitigation of global warming, ensuring that sustainability and impact is at the core of everything they do. The TTI Global Impact Awards recognise those driving change in their industry to transition to more environmentally-friendly practices.



Alessa Berg, TTI Founder and CEO, said: “For our human species to keep thriving on this planet, we need to implement innovation across all sectors of the global economy. The tailwinds are all here, from sustainability regulation kicking in at new speed, to record inflows of investment capital for sustainability-focused companies. We are still in time to correct the course of humanity towards utopia, not dystopia. The TTI Global Impact Awards are here to accelerate this process. By celebrating the success of the most promising sustainability innovators, we want to inspire and encourage others to follow suit and achieve a better future for us all.”

Billy Zane, TTI member, Hollywood actor and impact investor, said: “These are the awards that our planet has been waiting for. They are the Oscars of the impact and sustainability sector. As a TTI member, I’m very excited to finally see this happening. Impact and sustainability represent a new paradigm for our planet. We need positive impact everywhere and we need it quickly.”

Helena Wasserman Eriksson, TTI Global Impact Awards manager, adds: “We have to focus on the reality of the facts – without urgent change we soon won’t have the clean air and water we need to live. There are many ways businesses can become more sustainable and they go beyond reducing waste, cutting energy usage and choosing sustainable suppliers and solutions. We aren’t just looking for the Teslas, Oatlys and Beyond Meats of tomorrow, but for the innovators who will push the limits even further to create sustainability at scale.”

The awards are now open for entries and nominations at, closing on 7th July 2021. The award ceremony will take place virtually on 17th August 2021. The awards are open to companies at various stages of their development, from inception through to pre-IPO.

The awards are supported by family offices such as Swedish Formica Capital, along with companies such as sustainable data centre developer TerraScale and Singapore property pioneer CDL.

Watch the TTI Global Impact Awards video to hear more from the panel of expert judges –

Alessa Berg continues: “Creating the right sustainability strategy is not just about minimising the downside, it’s also about creating new upside.  Making climate change a priority literally creates new value for companies. It can also put them ahead of the competition, save money and help them attract more loyal customers and employees. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders.

“At Top Tier Impact, our mission and expertise is in how to accelerate the adoption of impact and sustainability. We look forward to bringing together the expertise of our pioneering business leaders, sharing ideas and initiatives and celebrating the work already being done to help reduce industry impact on the environment.”