The Age Of Modern Love: 15 Tech-Savvy Valentine’s Day Gifts

This Valentine’s, forget the roses and make way for tech Valentine’s gifts. In today’s tech-savvy age, it’s time to introduce modern love into the mix and gift your Valentine’s with romance tech.

While it’s always nice to get a Valentine’s card, the world of tech offers a plethora of thoughtful and creative gifts from anything from gaming devices to speakers to fitness trackers.

Not only this but tech gifts can often easily be researched and purchased online with swift delivery to ensure it’s here in time for the 14th (even when bought last minute).

So, without much further ado, let’s get into some tech-savvy gifts that can be bought for your partner, friend, family, or even just to treat yourself.

Top Valentine’s Tech Gifts


1. Amazon Gift Card


amazon gift card


If your Valentine tends to be a little more picky and enjoys picking out their own gifts, consider giving them an Amazon Gift Card.

Amazon offers a wide selection of gifts, including fantastic tech options. Additionally, if you’re unable to be physically present with your Valentine, these gift cards can be sent to them remotely, allowing them to enjoy the gift at their convenience, no matter where they are.


2. Kindle




If your Valentine is an avid reader, a Kindle makes the perfect gift. This device enables you to download numerous books onto a lightweight and user-friendly device. It’s particularly ideal for frequent travellers who prefer not to carry heavy books around, offering them a convenient way to enjoy their favourite reads wherever they go.


3. Polaroid Camera




What could be a more heartfelt gift for your Valentine than something to capture your memories with? Polaroid cameras provide a nostalgic charm for those who adore snapping photos, allowing you to obtain tangible copies of your pictures that you can treasure and proudly display in a scrapbook or on your wall.


4. Samsung Galaxy Buds


Samsung Galaxy Buds


This one is for all the music lovers. Whether you’re into music, podcasts, or audiobooks, the Samsung Galaxy Buds offer wireless freedom for on-the-go listening. Perfect for gym sessions or leisurely walks, these buds feature noise-cancelling technology, easy portability, and a sleek design that any recipient is bound to appreciate.


5. Fitbit Watch




Why get your Valentine a classic watch when you can get them a modern twist on this old classic?

Especially if your Valentine is enthusiastic about their fitness and tracking their health, this present is bound to go down a treat. Available in a range of colours, this gadget not only enables its wearer to track health and wellness metrics but also complements any style effortlessly.


6. NixPlay Digital Photo Frame




Surprise your Valentine with a digital photo frame, offering them the opportunity to upload and showcase their cherished memories. This thoughtful gift not only adds a personalised touch to their living space but also serves as a constant reminder of special moments shared together. The sleek design of the NixPlay digital photo frame makes it easy to charge and display anywhere around the house.


7. Ninja Nutri-Blender


Is your Valentine a smoothie aficionado or a gym enthusiast who swears by protein shakes? If so, the Ninja Nutri-Blender is sure to impress. This versatile kitchen appliance excels at crushing fruit, ice, and frozen ingredients, while also being handy for crafting delicious pasta sauces and soups to savour together. With its included cups, it’s ideal for anyone on the move, allowing them to take their favourite beverages with them wherever they go.



8. JBL Speaker

JBL speaker

Offered in a variety of colours and sizes, this gift is an ideal choice for music enthusiasts on Valentine’s Day.

Widely regarded as one of the top Bluetooth speakers available, it’s conveniently accessible online through platforms like Amazon. Renowned for its exceptional sound quality, robust bass, portability, sleek design, and extended battery life, this speaker is perfect for accompanying your Valentine on their adventures, allowing them to enjoy their favourite tunes wherever they may roam.


9. Bialetti Mini Express


Bialetti MINI Express + 2 Espresso Cups - Interismo UK


Is your Valentine a devoted coffee connoisseur? Look no further than the Bialetti Mini Express, a delightful addition to your morning routine that brews up to two cups of coffee at a time, making it a gift that you can also enjoy.

The Mini Express introduces a unique method for crafting your morning brew, utilising vapour pressure to draw hot water through freshly ground beans. Simply set it on your stove and witness the delicious beverage from twin spouts into the two accompanying cups, adding a touch of charm to your coffee experience.


10. Apple AirTag


Your Valentine is undoubtedly wonderful, but they may, admittedly, be a little scatterbrained. If they’re prone to losing their keys, phone, or other possessions, an Apple AirTag is a must.

While Apple boasts fantastic phones, laptops, and tablets (all excellent albeit more expensive gifts), its AirTags offer a simple way to keep track of cherished items. Particularly if your Valentine has travel plans in the upcoming year, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in helping them stay organised and stress-free.


11. Echo Alexa


Best Amazon Echo Alexa smart speakers 2024: Echo Dot to Echo Show | The Independent


If your Valentine hasn’t embraced the Alexa craze yet, there’s no better time than now. The Echo Alexa has been a hit since its debut in the tech world, and with good reason. This versatile gadget functions as a speaker, and radio, and can even provide answers to your daily queries like, “What’s the weather today?”

With a variety of designs available, this smart device also serves as a fantastic addition to your Valentine’s home this February.


12. Sony Vinyl Turntable


Buy SONY PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable - Black | Currys


The Sony Vinyl Turntable makes an ideal Valentine’s gift for vinyl enthusiasts or those looking to start their collection. Not only does it boast an appealing design, but it also offers excellent value for money and delivers top-notch sound quality. With user-friendly controls, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable listening experience every time.


13. SodaStream


SodaStream enables your Valentine to craft their favourite beverages exactly to their taste. Whether they prefer Pepsi, 7 Up, or any other soft drinks, they have the freedom to mix and match as they please, even adding flavourings for extra flair.

Moreover, it’s an excellent eco-conscious choice, featuring a refillable carbon dioxide canister that helps minimise the use of single-use plastics. With SodaStream, your Valentine can enjoy delicious drinks while making a positive impact on the environment.


14. Nintendo Switch


Buy NINTENDO Switch - Neon Red & Blue | Currys


For your gamer Valentine, the Nintendo Switch is an excellent choice as it provides a vast array of gaming options. What’s more, it offers interactive multiplayer experiences, allowing two people to share one controller, and additional controllers can be purchased later for even more multiplayer fun.

To elevate your Valentine’s gaming experience in style and add a stress-free, enjoyable activity to your repertoire, consider gifting the Nintendo Switch. With its diverse selection of top-tier games, it promises endless entertainment for both of you to enjoy together.


15. Dyson Airwrap


The Dyson Airwrap has made waves since its viral debut, garnering attention for its innovative features. Available for quick purchase from retailers like Boots and Amazon with next-day delivery, it may come at a higher price point than traditional hairdryers, but it’s worth every penny.

More than just a hairdryer, the Dyson Airwrap doubles as a hair styler, prioritising hair health by minimising damage. It’s an ideal choice for any Valentine who values both stylish hairdos and maintaining healthy locks.