Top 5 Trends in the Video Streaming Market

In the UK, live video streaming is thriving as a medium. A fusion of technological advancement and improved connectivity has live video streaming to virtually anyone with a smart device. The democratisation of live video streaming has introduced huge opportunities for experimentation, opening the door for current and future trends.

Check out some of the top live video streaming trends in the UK and globally:

More Industries Are Leveraging Live Video Streaming

Due to its high accessibility, many industries are using live video streaming for external and internal purposes. Live video is helping organisations improve their workflow and communication, driving efficiency overall.

It has changed the way students are learning. Over 50% of educational institutions have turned into live streaming conferences, lectures, and school events.

Introduction and Advancement of OTT Services

Over-The-Top (OTT) refers to the productised practice of streaming media content to consumers directly over the web, instead of the traditional satellite or cable provider. Most entertainment consumers are cancelling their TV subscriptions entirely in favour of upcoming OTT services, such as Netflix and Hulu.

Consumers are currently in the market for efficient, cutting-edge entertainment platforms. As such, video streaming businesses should invest in OTT services since the demand is rising fast. OTT platform providers are constantly searching for ways to incentivise viewers to subscribe to their products.

There are streaming businesses out there who are providing an excellent service already. Ignoring the platforms with a global reputation who are trying to dominate the market, there are a few platforms closer to home who provide arguably better services. An example would be the OTT services from Red Bee Media, which includes original content for streaming, as well as wide ranging options of varied content.

Videos, AR/VR, Are Picking Up

Previously, these concepts seemed to be off to an explosive start with attractive features such as hologram video chats via smartphones. Currently, AR has found lots of success with mobile social streaming apps such as Facebook.

With 5G internet and efficient codec supporting being among the latest inventions in the digital space, AR/VR; camera kits will soon be overwhelming the markets.

Automated Live Video Experiences

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are still among the top trends in live video streaming. They provide solutions for streamlining encoding workflows, personalising viewer experience, and managing content production and distribution.

AI is currently creating, organising, and distributing more content to viewers with minimal human effort. Machine Learning and AI will soon take over the simple tasks of metadata tagging and facial recognition.

AI may detect specific cues within videos to automate live video production, among other processes, making the process easier.

8K Enters the Mainstream

Recently, 8K products like TVs and cameras have hit the market, improving viewer and photography experiences. It is only a matter of time until 8K becomes a standard top-tier encoding ladder that offers broadcasting networks and subscription Video-On-Demand platforms.

The first exhibit of the full potential of 8K streaming was perhaps the 2020 Olympics in Japan. 8K screens were used all around the venue to stream high-paced content in the best quality available at the time.

The current 5G internet is preparing the way for a complete 8K live video streaming expected to go widespread in a few months.

Bottom Line

As expected, the video live streaming market is expected to advance into the future. Video streaming businesses should fully embrace OTT services to reach a wider market and increase profit margins. It is one of the video live streaming market trends with potential for immense growth in the coming years.