The Activist Investment Platform, Tulipshare

Tulipshare is an activist investment platform that empowers individuals to make a positive change within some of the biggest household-name companies in the world. The platform enables people to rethink the way they invest in businesses. Essentially allowing people to vote with their money, Tulipshare endeavours to play a tangible role in promoting ethical change in the boardrooms of global companies.

An activist investor can influence the behaviour of a corporation by exercising their rights as shareholders. Through Tulipshare, individuals can invest as little as £1 and own a small piece of the world’s most influential companies trading on United States stock exchanges.

Tulipshare will unify individuals’ shareholder power with other investors’ to make their voices heard. The platform’s first causes include:

  • Warehouse workers’ rights at Amazon
  • A focus on Coca-Cola’s contribution to climate change in the company’s plastic consumption
  • Right to repair issues at Apple



Founder and CEO Antoine Argouges is incredibly passionate about changing the way we view investment; “Tulipshare is truly a first of its kind platform. Our goal is to give a voice to the everyday individual, to encourage retail investors to rethink their investment strategies. We want to shine a spotlight on the global issues no other investment platform has done to date, and, in turn, truly make progress in fighting the injustices committed by major corporations where, traditionally, major decisions are kept to a handful of individuals.”

To date, Tulipshare has raised $1M in pre-seed funding from Speedinvest and high profile business angels including Tom Blomfield, founder of Monzo. The platform has been regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority since April 2021 and is looking to expand to the US market.

At a time when major businesses are greenwashing through marketing efforts and claiming to prioritise injustices but making no real ethical progress – Tulipshare is pledging to use its platform to make a stand where it matters most – in the boardrooms and shareholder meetings. Through Tulipshare, the collective voices of those demanding social justice and environmental responsibility, now have a chance to get a seat at the table and be heard.

About Antoine Argouges

Antoine Argouges is the founder and CEO of Tulipshare, a revolutionary retail activist investment platform. Tulipshare is Antoine’s second business. Antoine has spent years in product development and solution-building for some of the world’s biggest dating apps,, Badoo, Bumble and co-founded the first app-only dating service for over-fifties, Lumen with over 1.8 million registrations. Antoine likes to build products used by millions of people and make a real impact on people’s lives.