UK Online Casinos & Sportsbooks Ban Advertising

There is some rather alarming news for players at casinos such as this week. Following changes regarding advertising in the United Kingdom, the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has recently struck a deal which will see betting and casino advertisements banned during televised sports events.

The new deal is thought to largely impact online sportsbooks more than online casino sites like these. However, given that many top UK bookies also run online casino sites, the effects are likely to be felt throughout the gambling industry as a whole and could impact business profits for those casino domains.

The Ever Changing UK Gambling Scene

Unlike many recent changes to UK gambling laws, which have come as a direct result of the UK Gambling Commission’s decisions, this most recent change is more down to the Remote Gambling Association than anything else.

The new rules mean that gambling advertisements for leading UK sportsbooks and casinos will not be permitted to be shown during live sporting events. Up until now, bookies and casinos have been able to showcase their advertisements during commercial breaks or at half-time in a wide variety of sports events, such as football, F1, rugby, tennis and more. That is all set to change.

The Impact on UK Casino Sites

The RGA is no doubt concerned (as are the UKGC) with the rising number of Brits wagering online. However, particular attention has been paid to the “egging on” from the mid-match advertisements which encourage players to alter or place live bets while a sporting event is in process. Given that many top UK bookies are also casino businesses, there is a concern that the dip in profit will affect casino enterprises.

There are also rumours that the new changes will see shirt sponsorships in football abolished. This could severely impact the appeal of online casinos in the United Kingdom. At this moment in time, though, this is just being talked about with no plans to implement it. Playing at top UK casino sites is always recommended. There are many so-so casinos out there which are not advantageous for you to play at. If you want a helping hand to identify the best UK casinos, this is where the likes of TUNF online casinos come in.

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