Vimal Patel, Founder of INNRLY

Company: INNRLY


Business: Proprietary software that streamlines the day-to-day duties of hoteliers




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About Vimal Patel

Recently named one of the 100 Most Powerful People in US Hospitality, Vimal Patel is an innovative tech entrepreneur and the founder of the groundbreaking INNRLY which is changing the landscape for hoteliers in North America and around the world.

He is also the president and CEO of QHotels Management, which owns and operates hotels in Louisiana and Texas. He’s been featured by Fox Business, Newsweek, the Associated Press, Nerdwallet, Authority Magazine,, WWL-TV, and many local media outlets. Patel is routinely tapped by journalists who cover the hospitality industry, including Today’s Hotelier, Asian Hospitality, and Long Live Lodging.



INNRLY is a proprietary software that streamlines the day-to-day duties of hoteliers. INNRLY works on solutions that increase efficiency and profitability by helping hotel teams to make better, quicker, more-informed decisions.

They offer transformation without transition: you are able to transform your business without changing any of your current systems. Your data and credentials are protected, and your existing set up remains the same. INNRLY offers multiple levels of assistance with your hotel accounting tasks to prevent discrepancies from going unnoticed until it’s too late to correct them.


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