Walnut Disrupts The Sales Industry (Yet Again), With Its #WeAreProspects Campaign

“As hard as it has become to sell in today’s world, it has become that much more difficult to buy. The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy,” – Brent Adamson, VP at Gartner.

For some reason, it appears there is an unspoken agreement in the B2B market that the buyer journey must be unnecessarily convoluted. Well, that certainly seems to be the view shared by the vast majority of business customers. A recent Gartner report revealed that almost 80% of respondents described their most recent purchase as “very complex or difficult.” To make matters worse, the average B2B SaaS sales cycle lasts a whopping 84 days – which is just one week short of an entire quarter.

Clearly, the B2B sales experience is broken.

With this in mind, Walnut has launched its #WeAreProspects viral campaign designed to expose ongoing flaws with traditional B2B buying experiences while offering discounts on solutions aimed at making prospects’ lives easier, “because we are all someone else’s prospects”, says Yoav Vilner, CEO at Walnut.


The Main Issues With The B2B Sales Experience

There’s no denying that business buyers are beginning to demand more from their sales experiences. This is likely due to the massive improvements in the B2C industry, which is leading the way in demonstrating how sales should be handled. However, most B2B organisations are widely underperforming when held against such lofty standards, for a myriad of reasons.

Foremost, business customers are typically made to jump through countless hoops before they can get anywhere near trying the product out for themselves. Instead of sellers granting access to a free trial, prospects are handheld through an inflexible and time-consuming sales funnel. This is problematic because three-to-one B2B purchasers prefer to educate themselves rather than speak with sales professionals to learn about products and services, according to Forrester.

Secondly, many organisations employ a seller-centric strategy, which typically focuses on boosting individual seller performance rather than making the prospect the priority. Lastly, B2B organisations tend to suffer from extensive data silos that hamper collaboration between internal departments (such as marketing and sales), leading to a marked decline in customer satisfaction.

In light of all this, the world’s leading sales demo platform Walnut has paired up with top sales companies such as Dooly, Postal, Contractbook, Sales Assembly and Cloudshare to offer special offerings on their products, all of which are improving the B2B industry.

Walnut’s #WeAreProspects campaign appears poised to usher in a B2B revolution. This could not have come at a better time, as more businesses than ever are growing interested in cloud-based solutions due to their increased flexibility, scalability, and affordability. However, many prospects are turned off by unnecessarily complex buyer journeys, stifling SaaS platform adoption.

Along with Walnut’s revolutionary Sales Experience Platform, which is designed to help sellers connect with prospects through codeless, personalised, and fully optimised product demos, the companies mentioned in this article are all collaborating to simplify the B2B buying experience, resulting in a faster, more seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.