What Budding Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Online Bingo

Online bingo has been one of the surprise success stories of the last couple of decades. In just a few short years, the game has been transformed from being a slightly old-fashioned, and unfashionable, pastime for the older generation into a fun and vibrant one for millennials upwards. 

This transformation has largely been thanks to the huge leaps forward made by the operators themselves. And, by studying what has made so many people want to play online bingo with Betfair and other leading sites, there are valuable lessons to be learned that can then be applied to many business start-ups. From vibrant colours to themed offerings like Deal or No Deal bingo and mobile compatibility, there’s a lot to be taken from the example of online bingo.


Know your customers

Any business that is going to succeed is going to need a clear idea of who their customers are going to be. A quick look at any of the leading online bingo sites will show that they have a particular audience in mind and appeal to them with the sorts of offers they’ll value the most as well as the games that they will enjoy. Another factor that has undoubtedly helped is the knowledge that one of the most appealing, but “hidden”, aspects of bingo has always been its social side. By including chat rooms on their sites, this has leveraged this aspect of the game to increase its popularity even more. So it’s a question of looking beyond the obvious if you really want to succeed.


Build a strong brand

It’s impossible to overestimate what a strong brand can achieve – one only has to look at Amazon to see the power that it can bring. Online bingo operators have undoubtedly taken this information on board from the outset. That’s why you’ll find that they all have very strong identities which run through everything they do. This goes much further than just having a recognisable logo. It also means having a distinctive tone of voice that is used in all communications with customers, from tweets to sales brochures, if you have them.




Always be innovating

Above all, the one learning to take forward from online bingo sites is something that can apply to all businesses, whether they’re new or have been established for some time. It’s vital to always be moving forward and introducing new ideas. For bingo sites, this means coming up with new game ideas or including new ways to pay, for example with e-wallets. This creates a buzz around a brand and encourages customers to keep on checking in to see what has changed. By expressing this vibrancy, and proudly announcing new developments, it’s a sure-fire way to build up some real business momentum. It’s also how word-of-mouth starts to spread, and that can be one of the most effective marketing methods there is.


So if you want to make a big business success, take a close look at a sector that’s already done that. Then, bingo! You’ll be on your way.