Why Has iGaming Gone Live?

Some things you just have to experience live. It’s just better that way. While the future of television may well lay in streaming services, live TV still has the ability to resonate and entertain in a way not possible through prerecorded media. This is particularly true of sports coverage, but also extends to reality TV, news reports and many other different types of broadcast. Live TV is expensive and brimming with risk, yet another industry has decided it’s worth the gamble.


What are live casino games? 

Fairly recently, the online casino industry focused on providing live products and many online casinos offered players the opportunity to play traditional casino games with real dealers. Not all online casinos are able to offer this service and live games are generally only found in the games libraries of the big hitters such as Paddy’s online casino and other well-established names in the online casino industry. The key difference between a live casino game and a regular online one is that outcomes in a regular game are determined by a random number generator, while with a live game, the physical dealer is responsible. Both produce random results, but generally, people prefer the live option.



What are the best live games are available? 

All the traditional casino games are now available in live format at the more well-known online casinos. Roulette benefits from the live format with players appreciating the authentic sounds generated from the ball ricocheting around the wheel. Live blackjack is typically preferred by players as they value seeing the cards physically shuffled. Live baccarat has the same appeal as blackjack, with the cards being handled by a dealer at a table. Finally, game shows are available in live format and this is perhaps the more surprising addition in the arsenal of online casinos, although shows such as Deal or No Deal are a suitable fit.

Punters are now able to enjoy what is referred to as the game show experience with a live host in charge of all the action. This is possibly the largest area for growth in the live casino market, as these game show experiences are hugely popular and appeal to a new demographic of players. While some of these are tie-ins with existing brands, such as Hasbro’s Monopoly, often they are unique creations developed at great expense.




Why the switch to live games?

The dealers/hosts themselves play a major role and they are invariably professional and appealing characters and the sets, particularly for the game shows, are commonly lavish affairs or naturally suit the game being played. The interaction punters are able to have with the host or other players through a chat function adds to the experience. Finally, the strategically positioned cameras that catch all the action are essential for some and simply make the game feel more immersive.

While live casino games aren’t a new addition to the online casino industry, their popularity with players indicates that they are the future.