Why Your Online Business Needs a Knowledge Base


“What is a Knowledge Base for starters?”

That is what many people say when they hear about it, because unlike other customer support channels, it is not very popular. Still, it is necessary and offers several benefits.
Let’s start by basics, by letting you know what it is.

What’s a KB?

Also known as self-service portal, it is like an online library with specific information about a service, product, topic or department. It is the ideal way to educate and provide customer service to people that do not want to contact you directly.
Fortunately, you don’t have to create it from scratch (don’t worry about hiring a developer), because the market offers many solutions that are easy to set up and adapt to your needs, like Kayako. A KB software from Kayako is ideal because it is smart (because it allows you to see what your customers are looking for, and therefore, improve the experience), its appearance is easy to customize (and make it beautiful) and you can set it up in different languages. It is complete.
Now that you know what it is, and what the market offers you, it is time to learn more about its benefits, so you finally understand why your business needs it. Badly.

People Want Easy Answers

Your customers want an easy way to get the answers and solutions for their questions/issues, and sometimes, even live chat will not be enough.
Some of them will not be in the mood to start a conversation, no, they only want to search, click and done, get their answer. This is where a Knowledge Base comes into play as the perfect solution for this problem. Something that your customers will love and appreciate.
In addition, your customers will feel smarter and better with themselves, because they solved the problem by themselves. You need to create good emotions, because psychologically, it will create a stronger bond with your brand.
Based solely on this, it is evident why your company needs a self-service portal. It will pay off tremendously well.

More Organic Traffic

A KB has the power to bring in more traffic from search engines, because as it is extensive structured content, it will be easy for your website to rank for several long-tail keywords, especially when conversational and voice searches are rising.
This content will keep your customers very engaged, this will send a favorable signal to Google, something that will help you to boost your authority, and therefore, your rankings will increase. A simple yet powerful chain of actions.
If you correctly optimize your KB, based on a good keyword research, then your results will be even better. If you do a proper off-page work, then the sky is the limit. Think about the opportunities and make them come true!

Improve Productivity

As your KB will take care of several requests, your first contact resolution (FCR) rate will grow, which means that your employees will have more time to focus on other issues and requests.
This is a win-win situation for you and your customers, because you both will save time and resources, which is critical to grow your business. It will help you to decongest other support channels, so you can bring a better experience to everyone, including high-value customers that may need more attention.

Satisfied Customers

By solving their issues and questions in such a fast and straightforward manner, you can bet on it that your customers will feel satisfied. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, because if you can make your current customer base loyal and satisfied, then you can bet on it that they will buy from you. Repeatedly.
Many new businesses focus on getting new clients, and often, they leave this aspect unattended, which is a huge flaw. Treat your current customers well by providing them an exceptional customer service experience and you will enjoy of great success. Guaranteed. Make the difference and grow your business.

Closing Thoughts And Final Words

It is the advantage that your business has been looking for, so, why don’t you integrate it? It will pay big dividends and fuel your business growth. It is a no brainer. Go for it.