10. Eedi

Company: Eedi

Founders: Ben Caulfield, Craig Barton and Simon Woodhead

Website: https://eedi.com 

Business: Eedi is an edtech company providing maths learning tools for teachers, pupils and parents to help every child build the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


About Eedi

Eedi is a UK-based edtech startup co-founded by a teacher, a data scientist and an entrepreneur, with a singular vision that every child can learn to be confident and successful in maths.

Eedi’s online tools run on the world’s largest maths learning dataset, which is comprised of over 3 billion individual datapoints derived from over 200 million answers to maths questions aligned with the National Curriculum.

The questions are specially designed by head of education Craig Barton to help children learn new maths concepts, but also to spot the misconceptions that routinely arise among children learning maths. Eedi helps teachers and students quickly correct those misconceptions, putting them back on the right learning path.

More than 250,000 teachers in over 18,000 schools have used Eedi and their feedback is incredibly positive. One of Eedi’s most popular products, Eedi Family, is designed directly for parents and children.




It provides a blend of automated and real-person tutoring for a fraction of the cost of a traditional tutor — indeed this service costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a week. Eedi also offers a free service, which delivers proven learning results especially for children who need a little bit of extra support in maths.

Perhaps the most valuable thing Eedi offers is the richness of its dataset. Whereas some edtech companies gather behavioural data about children’s learning, and package that up as insight for teachers, Eedi’s data is content-based.

This means it reveals the patterns and paths of real subject learning, rather than using learner behaviour as a proxy.

This value has been recognised by some of the world’s most prolific learning tech organisations.

LEGO Ventures invested £3.5m in a seed round in 2020, while Microsoft Research invested the time and expertise of its machine learning group to build the most comprehensive predictive model of maths learning anywhere in the world.


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