18. Brain in Hand

Company: Brain in Hand

Founder: Louise Morpeth

Website: https://braininhand.co.uk/



About Brain in Hand


Brain in Hand is a UK-based digital healthcare company and an innovation leader in supported self-management. At the heart of the business is a revolutionary approach to support services that improve the lives of autistic people and those living with neurological differences or mental health difficulties.

This support couldn’t be more needed. In a time of surging inflation and economic headwinds leading to tightening budgets, the NHS is also dealing with an all-time high waiting list of 7 million people. This is exacerbating inequalities and health outcomes for disadvantaged groups. Within this crisis, there is a growing list of over 140,000 people waiting for an autism assessment, predicted to reach 190,000 by 2024. Given that a recent study showed about a third of people are not diagnosed, this is a particularly urgent challenge.

Autistic people experience some of the greatest health inequalities of any demographic, with a very high prevalence of anxiety and a much higher risk of self-harm and suicide. In this landscape of rocketing waiting lists and shocking outcomes for autistic people, Brain in Hand’s technology is proving to be incredibly beneficial to the autistic community and relieving healthcare pressures.

Users access an app to keep track of everything they need, including personalised routines, prompts and reminders, as well as practical solutions for unexpected and overwhelming situations. Additional digital tools help monitor mood, reflect on emotions, and communicate feelings accurately. These digital tools are also paired with human support. Each user is matched with a dedicated coach that helps them develop self-awareness and build greater independence. Coaches help unlock difficulties and use strengths to build structured routines and coping strategies, whilst also helping users to recognise stress triggers and anticipate challenges.

When things are difficult, on-demand support via call or text is available at the touch of a button. The combination of digital tools and human support is the ultimate combination to ensure all-round support. Not only is it improving health outcomes for autistic people, but alleviates resources and costs for healthcare services struggling in the economic climate. App users are able to self-manage and step down from their normal services, when safe and appropriate to do so.

The Brain in Hand system is used across health and social care, in workplaces through the Department for Work and Pensions Access to Work scheme, and is approved by the Department for Education as a tool for supporting students through higher education. Thousands of autistic students are using Brain in Hand, with at least one Brain in Hand user in almost every university in the UK. From small beginnings, the company has expanded to over 140 employees, both neurodivergent and neurotypical, with backgrounds in health and social care, psychology, technology, research, business, and education.

Brain in Hand currently operates across 60 different locations in the UK, with plans to continue its expansion to provide support for the neurodiverse community.

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