22. Allye Energy

Company: Allye Energy

Founders: Jonathan Carrier, Jack Levy and Lorenzo Bergamaschi

Website: https://www.allye.com

About Allye Energy


We only started Allye in February 2023, a software-enabled deep tech business to accelerate the energy transition through smart energy storage. In nine short months, we’ve grown from three co-founders to a team of ten, having fully engineered our first system and generated our first revenues. We are energy hustlers – engineers, data scientists and specialists -committed to decarbonisation and energy equality.

We are an Allye for the grid, the people and the planet. Our mission is to bring power to the people, democratising cleaner, cheaper energy through technology for the many, not the few. Allye provides distributed energy storage at the grid edge to provide collective flexibility to the electricity network, helping accelerate the decarbonisation of the grid while lowering energy costs for industrial, commercial and residential customers by up to 50%. Our smartly designed energy storage systems reimagine how batteries are connected, distributed and used. Flexible and modular, our batteries are self-learning, and intelligently managed via the cloud to maximise cycle life and arbitrage on electricity prices. Using digital twins, we deploy machine learning and AI to optimise behaviour and performance as a collective of assets, to deliver benefits at an individual level to the end user and the energy network at a system level.

Our first system is the Allye Max, a 320kWh BESS using repurposed EV batteries that is 2-2.5x cheaper and 60% lower embedded CO2 than other short-duration ESS. It features mixed lithium-ion chemistry (LFP+NCA) for greater life and performance with independent pack control allowing for dual bi-directional capability to simultaneously charge and discharge. The Max is mobile, towed by a standard vehicle with a regular licence, and modular allowing capacity and power output to be expanded. It is intelligently managed via the cloud to and using our smart algorithm arbitrages behind the meter to reduce energy bills and decarbonise operations for C&I businesses.

We’ve been recognised with major awards; and nominated by Sifted.eu as Allye as a Rising Star (and one to watch) in its smart grid briefing. Selected by Bits & Pretzels to pitch at the conference in Munich this year. Reached the grand final of the pitch competition at the Blue Earth Summit 2023, a finalist at the Urban Tech Challengers 2023 and winner of the Best CleanTech Solution for Utilities at the Publicis Sapient 3rd Annual Global EnergyTech Awards.

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