24. Katrick Technologies

Company: Katrick Technologies

Founders: Karthik Velayutham and Vijay Madlani

Website: https://www.katricktechnologies.com/



About Katrick Technologies


Katrick Technologies is a greentech innovation company that has developed a novel wind power generation system. Driven by a need for a more diverse technology landscape in the renewable energy sector and the necessity of innovation to meet net-zero targets, the company is focused on developing sustainable solutions for modern problems.

Its first offering is its Wind Panels, power generation systems that use a world-first oscillation motion rather than the conventional rotary action of turbines. They are smaller and far more flexible than traditional wind turbines and can be placed in a huge range of places – in existing wind farms, in urban areas or alongside motorways and airport runways. The panels are scalable, with installation sizes customisable for the customer’s needs, and they also have the potential for microgeneration and compatibility with battery storage.

Katrick Technologies also champions research and development, sustainable investment, microgrid technology and education. Katrick Technologies has also partnered with the Manufacturing Technology Centre in 2022 and in 2023 the first prototype of the wind panel was completed. This prototype has been subjected to a total of 50 tests over 80 hours in the wind tunnels at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub and the University of Strathclyde, where its performance far exceeded initial predictions in Stage 1 of its Alpha testing phase and demonstrated significant wind speed acceleration.

It has also been validated to Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL5), proving that it performs as expected in its intended operational environment.

Additionally, the company is part of a longstanding collaboration with Edinburgh Airport and Heriot-Watt University to complete wind mapping studies to determine wind physics and how it behaves in built environments and other areas. The company is now engaging with potential global original equipment and contract manufacturers who can bring the technology to the market.

In the past two years Katrick Technologies has been featured in the PwC Net Zero Future 50, the Mail on Sunday and the Raconteur Future of Energy report, and has won the Start Up award at the 2022 Barclay’s Entrepreneur Awards and the Energy Innovation Award at the National Sustainability Awards 2023. The company has been in talks with major energy suppliers regarding the panel’s potential for microgeneration and has just filmed a feature for global broadcast with BBC Click.

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