27. Decorte Future Industries Ltd

Company: Decorte Future Industries Ltd

Founder: Dr Roeland P-J E Decorte

Website: https://decorte.co.uk/



About Decorte Future Industries Ltd


Founded in 2019 by Dr Roeland Decorte, Decorte Future Industries uses groundbreaking artificial intelligence to extract health data from sound. Its Sonus Engine analyses a diverse range of health metrics in real-time through sound captured directly from any standard microphone. This allows early identification of inconsistencies in the body’s systems that can prevent — or assist clinicians in pre-diagnosing — conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, depression and anxiety.

As artificial intelligence continues to transform all industries, Decorte stands out amid the hype through the simplicity of its proposition — using AI to extract and interpret health data from sound. It provides the only way to connect your body to the digital world, opening up vast possibilities for innovation, disease prevention and greater understanding of human health via an “Internet-of-Bodies” concept.

Its technology is currently the only path for technology giants such as Google and Microsoft (both of whom are actively working with Decorte) to allow their competing AIs to connect directly with the human body. Personalised analysis or support offered to individuals through current AI systems relies exclusively on subjective and self-reported data; Decorte’s sound-based AI allows the digital world to shift to direct and objective interactions with individuals and their personal health.

The company is currently partnered with some of the world’s largest healthcare providers, and is engaged in clinical trials and studies in the US as well as India, where its technology can provide access to healthcare in rural areas that currently have no such access. Decorte Future Industries was selected for the Techstars London accelerator programme in 2020, has received funding from the UK Government, was endorsed by various government agencies, and has executives from ARM, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft, IKEA and other multinationals as investors and on its advisory board.

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