33. CanCan

Company: CanCan

Founders: Dan Wright & Jim Pizer

Website: https://www.wearecancan.com/

Business: Borrow return system using smart products that are made to be used, washed and used again


About CanCan

CanCan, founded in 2019, is a free to use, reusable, borrow return system using smart products that are made to be used, washed and used again. The impact of single-use food and drink packaging is an increasingly high priority issue for consumers, traders, Councils, and governments alike, with an estimated 11 billion on-the-go items (2.5bn cups) disposed of per year in the UK.

Recycling attempts and substitution with biodegradables have led to consumer confusion, added costs and have failed to reduce carbon impact nor volumes of waste going to landfill, incineration or the open environment.




To combat this, they have created a flexible, data-driven, universal and scalable solution where consumers borrow smart, reusable items, through a securely tracked platform. The borrow-return system is free to use, has no deposit, quick, convenient and delivers a great coffee experience. Their sharing platform facilitates the borrowing of items from a shared pool of stock. Items are assigned to users at the point of sale and are free to use as long as users return them. Behind the scenes, they stock, collect, wash and redistribute the items with each interaction securely tracked. The platform enables them to model consumer behaviour, adapt the system and report on impact in real-time.

Little open data exists on the critical variables that make schemes effective. Their project will create and share reality-based financial and impact models and a unique infrastructure map illustrating the optimal layout and ‘binfrastructure’. CanCan offers the joy of a daily coffee without the guilt of single-use, or hassle of reuse. They are targeting busy on-the-go food and drink outlets that are looking for an independent, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to single-use packaging.

Launched officially in Bristol in October 2020, their project will create the UK’s first city-wide optimised reusable cup system. The project will roll out across 3 representative cluster areas in Bristol, engaging 50 traders and 15,000 users. By 2025, CanCan plans to have 720,000 users across 16 major cities, plus a range of smaller communities, event venues and large employers.

The CanCan difference: smart, tracked, secure end to end system; free to the consumer, no deposit required; pay-per-use model; easily replicable for faster impact; and real-time impact data at personal and collective level. The project will: demonstrate a fully functioning CanCan system involving 50 Bristol traders; establish an optimal network of traders and return points; and define a city-scale blueprint for replication infrastructure, washing and logistics ecosystem.


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