38. Reviva Softworks

Company: Reviva Softworks

Founder: Jules Goldberg

Website: https://reviva.works



About Reviva Softworks


Reviva Softworks is the company behind several groundbreaking sleep apps. Based in London, its latest innovation is Sleepwave, a motion-sensing sleep tracker and smart alarm app that helps people wake up feeling fresh.

Launched in 2022, Sleepwave addresses an overlooked area of sleep health: the quality of our morning wake up. Many people use fixed-time alarm clocks which often sound at a bad moment for our brains, causing lingering morning tiredness. Sleepwave’s smart alarm senses your movements from a phone beside your bed and gently sounds when you’re primed to wake up well, giving you a better start to the day.

The company’s founder, Jules Goldberg, has been in the app industry for over a decade and leads on the development of its core technologies. His journey as a developer started in 2012 when he taught himself to code and built his first app SnoreLab. To date, SnoreLab has achieved over 13 million downloads and helped countless people with their snoring issues.

Building on this success, Jules has spent the past few years on intensive in-house R&D which led to the invention of PureTone Motion, a breakthrough technology to track movements from smartphones.

PureTone Motion uses the phone’s speaker to emit inaudible sound waves and listens for energy reflected back using the microphone. This motion-sensing technology powers Sleepwave and opens up a raft of capabilities including estimating sleep depth, wakefulness and even breathing rate – all from a phone beside your bed.

The technology transforms how users start their day, with 91% of Sleepwave testers reporting an improved wake-up experience.* Since its launch, the app is approaching 1 million downloads and has been featured in leading publications. Many of the written reviews praise the app for improving their mornings and sleep patterns.

Beyond its advancements in sleep tracking, PureTone Motion technology has a range of potential applications in other areas, including gaming, security systems, and hardware integration. Reviva Softworks’ next exciting implementation of the technology is in Motionscape, their new relaxation app featuring immersive visualisations and breathing exercises that respond to your movements.

With a strong commitment to accessibility, there is a generous free tier in the apps and the company remains steadfast in its mission to positively impact people’s lives around the world.

*Results from May 2023 Sleepwave testing, comprising 70 users.

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