40. CityMaaS – Andrew Perkins and Rene Perkins

Company: CityMaaS

Founders: Andrew Perkins and Rene Perkins

Website: https://www.citymaas.io/

Business: digitally inclusive data and mobility platform to help personalise the way the disabled community consume accessibility data and services.


About Andrew, Rene and CityMaaS

CityMaaS unlocks a world for people with a disability and generates revenue for businesses in multiple sectors all over the world. Their cutting edge technology provides people with a disability the tools and information to live independently.

The Code allows businesses to reach out and embrace everyone in this world, regardless of their uniqueness, and open a market that is valued at £274 billion. The code is equality, inclusiveness, and mobility for a world where everyone wins.

Their mission started with the simple idea that they can build a world that is inclusive.


Assist Me Screen


Assist Me allows preset personalised assistance levels to ensure everyone can access your website. Their Automatic Web Accessbility Reporting Engine (AWARE) will also help to identify the issues that no automated service can automatically fix.

Mobility Map is a global platform that is built for the communities. It enables the business community on their platform to be inclusive and easily searchable by the disabled community and their friends.


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