42. Raffolux

Company: Raffolux

Founder: Gerry Lianos

Website: https://raffolux.com/



About Raffolux


Raffolux is the UK’s leading digital raffle platform that has redefined the traditional lottery experience. I have spent most of my youth volunteering and fundraising for charities, and in 2019 I founded Raffolux. Since then, Raffolux has been on a mission to revolutionise the way people engage with lotteries while making an impact through charitable giving. Since its inception, Raffolux has grown into a thriving community of over 130,000 members.

On the Raffolux site, users can participate in raffles for a chance to win incredible prizes, ranging from dream holidays to cutting-edge technology. What sets us apart is our commitment to integrating purpose into the gaming experience. For every ticket purchased, users can choose which charity their funds will support.

Raffolux addresses several key challenges within charitable giving and lottery participation. We recognised the incentive problem surrounding donations to good causes. Charities often struggle to encourage individuals to part with their money, even for causes they deeply care about. Raffolux transforms the act of giving by providing a tangible incentive—every donation comes with the exciting opportunity to win remarkable prizes. This approach has proven successful, with over £603,000 raised for charity to date.

Moreover, we identified the issue of ‘lottery fatigue’ among players who have grown disillusioned with the unlikely odds of traditional lotteries. Raffolux provides a refreshing alternative by producing over 2,000 winners every week, allowing participants a realistic chance to win something amazing. The variety of prizes, ranging from cars to unique experiences, keeps the gaming experience dynamic and encourages users to dream beyond the limitations of conventional lotto jackpots.

Our platform has given over £11.9 million worth of prizes to lucky winners across the UK. We have achieved significant success, with partnerships secured with brands like Virgin Experiences, John Lewis, and Dyson. We have also established long-term collaborations with dozens of UK charities, contributing to the broader goal of empowering national and local causes to carry out exceptional work.

Our play-for-purpose model has not only resonated with users but has also created a novel stream of income for the charities we partner with. As a result, we created a white-label SaaS solution called Raffletech to empower non-profits and organisations to maximise value from their own digital fundraising efforts. Its success is evident through our collaborations with Charity Escapes, Vertu Motors, Air Ambulance UK, and BBC Children in Need, where we’ve facilitated successful digital fundraising campaigns.

In the next two years, our focus is clear: to establish Raffolux as a mass-market brand in the UK. A recent industry milestone includes a pioneering £1.5M “airtime-for-equity” deal with UKTV Ventures. This led to the launch of our TV campaign across 7 channels—Dave, W, Gold, Alibi, Drama, Yesterday, and Eden—reaching 26 million viewers monthly.

Looking ahead, our ambitions extend globally. Next year, we plan to enter selected states in the US and Europe, working with local partners for sustainable growth. By FYE 2025, we project a remarkable 8x increase in both revenue and charitable donations compared to our last financial year.

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