44. Yao

Company: Yao

Founders: Colin Secomb and Natasha Lewis

Website: https://yaotechnology.com/



About Yao


In a legal landscape plagued by outdated and inefficient case management systems, Yao has emerged as a pioneering solution, fundamentally reshaping how we oversee our practice today and revolutionising the way our internal team of legal experts handles their caseloads.

We understand the pain points faced by lawyers and their teams, and we decided to take matters into our own hands by creating a cutting-edge, user-centric practise case management system.

Yao, our legal technology platform was born from the frustration of grappling with antiquated, expensive, and unreliable systems that not only hindered the efficiency of our in-house team but also provided a subpar experience to our clients. We knew there had to be a better way.

Collaborating closely with a team of seasoned developers, our Managing Partners achieved remarkable success in creating Yao—an uncomplicated, cloud-based legal solution that seamlessly transitions and offers user-friendly functionality. This comprehensive, intuitive platform encompasses a wide array of features, including billing and timekeeping, document management, and client communication tools, all in one unified system.

Yao represents a quantum leap forward in legal practice management.

Here’s what sets us apart:

User-Friendliness: Yao is designed with the end-user in mind. We understand that legal professionals need intuitive tools, and every feature in Yao has been meticulously crafted to ensure ease of use and simplicity, removing the need for extensive training.

Speed and Efficiency: Yao streamlines processes, making tasks that were once time-consuming and repetitive, like task assignment, reminders and email notifications intuitive, using existing data to pre-populate templates.

Unmatched Design: The exquisite design of Yao sets it apart in a cluttered market. We believe that the user experience should be as seamless as it is visually appealing.

Tech Proficiency: Yao is technologically advanced using a cloud-based system, making it the most sophisticated and reliable choice in the market today.

Digital Post Office: Yao’s Digital Post Office receives scanned paper post and swiftly delivers it to relevant matters, streamlining communication and boosting fee earners’ responsiveness.

Digital Forms: Create, customise, streamline, and automate with ease. Yao offers unlimited bespoke forms for matter management, compliance, or client interaction. Plus, it can instantly generate documents from templates upon form submission.

Effortless Precedents: Yao makes crafting emails and Office documents a breeze by leveraging stored information and data.

Industry-Leading Workflows: Yao’s workflows are designed for simplicity, enabling users to automate tasks, emails, precedents, and even layer workflows without complexity.

Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow for data analysis, performance tracking, and generating actionable insights. The software offers customisable reports, data visualisation tools, and built-in analytics.

Approximately six months ago, Yao was seamlessly incorporated into our firm, Lewis Denley. The team has demonstrated exceptional adaptability in embracing this new platform, rigorously testing it across and providing valuable insights for ongoing updates.

Since implementation, the practice has experienced a remarkable transformation. We’ve seen significant improvements in efficiency, client satisfaction and profitability

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