47. Feefo

Company: Feefo

Founders: Andrew Mabbutt & Matt Eames, Tony Wheble (CEO; Pictured), 2014

Website: https://www.feefo.com/

Business: Verified reviews provider that supports over 4,000 brands.


About Feefo

Feefo is the world’s largest verified reviews provider having recently acquired the customer reviews business Reevoo in August. Feefo now supports over 4,000 brands across the UK, USA and Australia including household names such as Expedia, British Airways, Iceland and Mazda. Their platform has now received over 50 million reviews.

Feefo’s unique invite-only model means that only verified buyers of a product or service can provide feedback on their experience, so clients can be sure they are getting accurate and trusted data from real customers.

Today, social proof is more and more influential. 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 96% look at product reviews before purchasing, so Feefo wants to help customers leverage and optimise their social proof.

Feefo also has powerful suite of software tools and technical solutions expertise to help clients gain a much deeper understanding of their customers’ sentiment, behaviour and intent, empowering them with actionable insights to make better business decisions and improve their return on investment.



During the coronavirus pandemic, Feefo saw the average customer service rating drop by an astonishing 18.5%, with people 29% more likely to respond with purchase feedback. As Feefo rebuild post-pandemic, Feefo is building even more sophisticated CX insights solutions to help customers understand and meet the evolving needs of the post-pandemic customer

Feefo hired its first Chief Product Officer who started in April. This is part of their drive to continue investing more in their product to provide continued value, but also to develop more innovative solutions which genuinely excite their customers, especially our ratings and reviews tools. The product development team alone is looking to hire 65 new members.

Feefo knows there’s a real appetite for innovation within the reviews and customer insights sphere which has long enjoyed the benefits of market growth, often without creating anything new. This is the change which is at the heart of Feefo’s business.


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