6. Cheeze – Simon Hudson

Company: Cheeze

Founder: Simon Hudson

Website: https://cheeze.com/ 

Business: Cheeze is a platform that allows people to snap, mint, and curate their own Photography NFTs.


About Simon and Cheeze

Simon got the idea for Cheeze in 2017 to share pictures of his baby daughter with his family. He developed a mobile app for sharing and managing photos with a closed group of contacts. In 2020, he noticed that people were using v1 of their product to share and discuss NFTs.

In late 2020, Simon decided to pivot his company to focus on Photography NFTs. Now Cheeze is a platform dedicated to NFT Photography on the Blockchain.

Cheeze’s goal is to allow anyone with a camera (including a mobile phone camera) the ability to put their photos onto the Blockchain as an NFT. Built on the FLOW blockchain, Cheeze’s users can mint, curate, and collect photography and collectable products.




The platform also offers Cheeze Wallet and Marketplace, which are apps that can be downloaded by Apple and Android devices. These allow people to mint NFTs on the go.

Cheeze has been backed by some of the world’s most famous investors. Former Apple directors James Vincent and Guy Kawasaki act as directors and advisors to Cheeze, and the company has notable support from the likes of Netflix Founder Marc Randolph.

Cheeze’s Minting Studio was designed with photographers in mind. Users of the platform are able to curate their own collections, Airdrop gifts to holders, and easily split royalties with other creators and teams. Cheeze provides a full 360 suite of products to help photographers snap and mint photos.

The team at Cheeze are currently working on bringing amazing photo collections to Cheeze from world class and amateur photographers. The team is growing rapidly with new people being hired each week.


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