69. Quycky

Company: Quycky

Founder: Mariana Tomé Ribeiro

Website: https://quycky.com/

About Quycky


Quycky is a female-owned ‘sex tech company’. The founder Mariana Tomé Ribiero has been an entrepreneur working in branding for 22 years. Based in Porto, she’s had a career as a Creative Director expanding across the globe from Madrid to London to New York.

From her early days in a small village in Portugal, she realised how taboo the topic of sex was amongst friends and how this lack of sexual freedom was hindering people’s self-acceptance. It wasn’t until she worked and lived in many different cities across the world that she realised the shame around conversations about sex was universal.

Pairing her lifetime skills with a tech founder, Quycky was founded in 2021 to create a positive impact in people’s lives by creating a safe space for people to understand their sexuality and empower themselves through a game-style app, connecting like minded people and creating conversation with friends. Quycky also incorporates a sex wellness e-commerce platform including toys, wellness products and menstrual products.

Quycky is a ‘sex tech’ company with an app that connects people through an interactive game to be played online or in-person, in which players answer sex-related questions and rate each other’s responses for points.

Quycky uses algorithms from the game function to segment users into groups designed to match people to other likeminded users who share similar sexual interests.

Having the knowledge that you’re sexually compatible with another person allows a stress-free online dating experience from the get-go.

The app will match people on tastes and desires, prolonging the conversation. For example, if a user answers a question on whether they have ever considered sexual relations with someone of the same sex, Quycky will match them to others who are also interested in exploring this, without any judgement. The app’s interface includes information on how to use the game or function.

Result stats:

  • Downloads 20k
  • Over 75% TRAFFIC from tier 1 regions (US ,UK. PT)
  • Over 25% conversion rate on store listings, In-line or above peers (in the “casual gaming” group).
  • Over 1/3 of users are female (36%)
  • Over 80% User registration completion rate
  • Over 60% of registered users play a game and enjoy the full app experience, spending at least 4 minutes in-app
  • Over 88% of users that finish a game click on promo link


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