7. Oxford Quantum Circuits

Company: Oxford Quantum Circuits

Founder: Ilana Wisby

Website: https://oxfordquantumcircuits.com/



About Oxford Quantum Circuits


A quantum-as-a-service company bringing quantum computing to enterprises’ fingertips.

Quantum computing can help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges, but so far, it has been largely inaccessible. Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) bring quantum out of the lab to businesses’ fingertips, enabling them to make breakthrough discoveries. Established in 2017, OQC has built the UK’s sole commercially available quantum computer OQCLucy, named after the pioneer of quantum mechanics, Lucy Mensing.

On the 27th of November, OQC unveiled OQC Toshiko, a cutting-edge world-first quantum-ready platform that empowers businesses to access commercial quantum computing from data centres. With 32-qubits OQC Toshiko, businesses can tap into powerful quantum seamlessly and securely through the existing data infrastructure.

Colocating quantum computers in data centres is the unique know-how of OQC – so far, it’s been the only company in the world that managed to make it a reality. For businesses, it means they don’t have to buy a quantum computer to start testing this ground-breaking technology and upskilling their team.

OQC was founded by Dr. Ilana Wisby, a quantum physicist fuelled by a passion for deep tech and frustrated by the pace of academia. Ilana built on Dr Peter Leek’s work, who developed OQC’s core patent at the University of Oxford and its world-leading physics department.

In pursuit of the OQC’s vision to democratise quantum and place it in the hands of humanity’s brightest minds, the company is currently raising £100 million in a series B funding round for future Research and development and international growth.

OQC’s is focused on bringing the next-generation platform of hundreds of qubits to businesses globally.

Prior to Series B, OQC raised £41 million including the largest Series A in quantum in the UK at that time. In 2023, OQC’s team grew to over 100, attracting talent from across the globe. The team has built and deployed OQC Toshiko platforms to colocation data centres expanding its operations in the UK, Japan and Spain.

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