71. Sendcloud

Company: Sendcloud

Founders: Rob van den Heuvel, Sabi Tolou and Bas Smeulders

Website: https://www.sendcloud.com/



About Sendcloud


Founded in 2012 by Rob van den Heuvel, together with Sabi Tolou and Bas Smeulders, Sendcloud is the end-to-end shipping platform for e-commerce businesses. Backed by SoftBank and the client base of over 25,000 companies across Europe, Sendcloud is on a mission to solve shipping globally. The platform enables retailers, marketplaces, and fulfillment companies to scale their shipping operations and deliver exceptional shipping experiences.

Rob van den Heuvel as CEO & co-founder of Sendcloud, is a young, self-made entrepreneur. Already during his student days, Rob took his first steps into the world of e-commerce by building his own online store. He quickly spotted the opportunities in a dispersed European parcel shipping market and launched Sendcloud in 2012 with the two partners.

With building an online store as the core business at the time, Rob knew exactly what problems ecommerce businesses encountered. “Basically, through Sendcloud, we solved our own issues”, says Rob. “In my opinion, we also started tackling those issues with the right priority. We didn’t start a platform with 100 different shipping partners and 50 different e-commerce integrations. We took it one step at a time and began by dealing with the biggest problems we encountered.”


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