73. Kanop

Company: Kanop

Founders: Romain Fau and Louis de Vitry

Website: https://www.kanop.io/



About Kanop


The scientific consensus indicates that nature-based solutions will contribute to a third of the mitigation efforts by 2030, with forest ecosystems playing a significant role. However, the current Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) process presents a major bottleneck to scaling market-based solutions.

Traditional MRV approaches rely on field visits by forestry experts or specialized consultancies, making them exclusive, expensive, and slow. As a result, MRV is not easily accessible and does not scale well, hindering the development of much-needed nature-based solutions. To overcome these limitations, MRV needs to be open, affordable, and fast.

That’s where Kanop comes in. We have developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform powered by AI, designed to measure the environmental benefits provided by nature-based projects at scale. Our proprietary machine learning models analyze remote sensing images to generate the impact data required by the market.

Kanop delivers results quickly and accessibly through our Web App and API. Moreover, our SaaS business model ensures that MRV remains affordable, enabling the growth of nature-based solutions and their positive impact on our environment.

More widely, we empower project developers, project investors, and consultants with data along the project lifecycle, helping them to assess opportunities quickly, write project documents more efficiently and produce trustable MRV reports in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.

We started the company in 2021 and are now a team of 10 people, based in France and the US. We have a live product with 12+ customer subscriptions, overseeing millions of hectares.


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