73. TieTa

Company: TieTa

Founder: Caroline Walton, 2020

Website: https://www.tieta.co.uk

Business: An outsourced customer service solution, made up of experienced advisors in Oxfordshire. All your calls, emails, telesales, complaints can be outsourced and white labelled by TieTa.


About TieTa

TieTa was founded by entrepreneur, Caroline Walton, after previously acting as the customer services arm for one of the UK’s largest short term lenders and successfully engaging with more than 300,000 customers over an 8 year period.

When covid struck, the company pivoted to become a white-labelled customer service solution – helping businesses of all sizes with their daily customer service, either fully outsourced or assisting with their overflow and out of hours requirements.

TieTa can help with every aspect of your customer services from daily calls, complaints, debt handling, telesales, social media responses and live chat – which can be fully integrated with your technology or the likes of Zoho or Salesforce so you can receive real-time reporting on any customer service queries and engagements.


TieTa offers an outsourced customer service team, with a passion for understanding your brand value and delivering quality service and feedback to you


The TieTa team continues to grow after winning key contracts with medical clinics running covid testing, including fit to fly tests.

“Our proposition was perfect for covid testing clinics,” explains Walton. “From appointment scheduling, text message reminders and delivering of test results, we have been helping clinics who are getting hundreds of patients everyday and do not have the resource in-house to manage it all.”

“We recognised that so many businesses, whether clinics or regulated finance companies, were being drained of their resources by having to deal with customer services and could not do their daily tasks,” Walton continues.

“Whether it is refunds, emails or staying on top of live chat, we started to help people that were on a treadmill that they could not get off.”

“We have a fully training day with new clients and our call agents to ensure that we truly understand your brand, the tone of voice and can represent you in the most professional way possible.”

“With our fully outsourced solution and team of advisors in Banbury, Oxfordshire, today might be stressful, but you could be off the treadmill tomorrow.”


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