77. Fi Milano – Ifigeneia Paziana

Company: Fi Milano

Founder: Ifigeneia Paziana

Website: https://www.tiktok.com/@fi.milano

Business: Developing 100% natural, organic smart fabrics that promote natural Vitamin D creation to support health and wellbeing, especially for those with deficiencies


About Ifigeneia and Fi Milano

Vitamin D is widely reported as an essential vitamin to help keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy alongside playing an important role in our nervous, hormone and immune systems. The body creates Vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. Data suggests around 1 billion people worldwide have a Vitamin D deficiency whilst 50% of the population has an insufficiency.

Vylet™ is a 100% natural, organic smart fabric that enables Vitamin D creation within the wearer’s own body whilst protecting skin from harmful UV. The concept for Vylet™ came about in 2021 when the founder, Ifigeneia (Fi) Paziana, became concerned about a lack of Vitamin D during lockdowns in the global coronavirus pandemic.

Combining her expertise as a fashion designer with an active interest in science and health alongside rigorous academic research, Fi developed prototypes for a fabric that enables wearers to go out in the sun and absorb a safe and healthy amount of UV rays to boost physical and mental wellness whilst protecting their skin.


fi milano


During this process, data combined with consumer research demonstrated those who wore modest clothing are particularly impacted by a lack of Vitamin D. As a result, Fi prioritised creating and designing fabric suitable for modest wear such as hijabs.

Taking to social media to share her idea, Fi amassed over 1.2 million views on just her third video and now has over 333,000 likes, 24,000 followers, 2.5 million views and counting on TikTok alone.

Through passion and perseverance, Fi will be launching a capsule collection of 100% natural, organic smart fabrics for those who are looking for a natural solution to their deficiency in Vitamin D next spring. The designs will combine proven smart fabric technologies with fashion and sustainability, meaning no compromises are made on style, quality, health and wellbeing, and accessibility.”


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