79. Devi AI

Danish Soomro Headshot

Company: Devi AI

Founder: Danish Soomro

Website: https://ddevi.com


Devi | AI Social Media Leads Monitoring and Outreach Tool


About Devi AI


Devi automates social media monitoring to find leads and buying intent for small businesses. Devi AI has expanded with the mission to become a super tool for business growth with its AI assistants that automate sales, marketing, and management tasks (more details below). Devi AI has won a $50,000 MIT CEE innovation award and was recently featured by Business Insider.

Devi AI helps small businesses automate repetitive tasks with the 5 AI assistants, including AI Social Media Leads Monitoring, AI Social Media Content Creator, AI Video Website (built-in 10 seconds), AI Reels, and AI Bookkeeping (coming soon). Devi AI boosts productivity and revenue by automating repetitive sales, marketing, and finance tasks. Microbusinesses can reduce up to 40% of their time on manual sales and administrative tasks, a significant barrier to growth.

Each of the five applications caters to one area online businesses need:

1. Lead Generation: Acquire clients via social media keywords monitoring and buy-intent detector

2. Content Creation: Make content with AI for social media, including trending news in 0 seconds

3. Website Development & Maintenance: Build a website in 10 seconds with hosting, streaming, and AI sales bot

4. Video Creation: Automate reel creation and scheduling on Instagram & TikTok

5. Bookkeeping: Automate finance management and tax preparation

The innovative side of Devi AI is not only the seamless tools for reducing time and increasing efficiency but also how you can get five business areas covered under a single subscription. Devi AI’s mission goes beyond, as we partner with NGOs to give free access and give everyone one free website for life to support new entrepreneurs and freelancers.


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