83. Florence

Florence founders

Company: Florence

Founders: Dr. Charles Armitage & Dan Blake, 2017

Website: https://www.florence.co.uk/

Business: HealthTech app that helps social care workers and organisations manage their shifts, training and work schedules, quickly and easily.


About Florence

Florence is the technology that empowers social care. Their apps help social care workers and organisations manage their shifts, training and work schedules, quickly and easily.

They launched their online staffing marketplace app Florence Flex in 2017, as part of their mission to help solve the UK social care staffing crisis. The app gives nurses and carers the ability to find and book their own shifts in care homes, taking control of their schedule and avoiding working with inflexible agencies. To date, care workers have earned over £20 million from working shifts through Florence Flex.

In 2021, their mission expanded to encompass improving the entire staffing experience for social care teams. To support this, they launched two new saas products for care organisations – Florence Rota and Florence Academy.



62% of care home managers say their rota takes up the majority of their time per week, mainly due to staff shortage and sickness due to the impact of COVID. Rota was built to address this burden, giving care managers the power to plan their rotas in minutes, not hours, and put their time back into focusing on care.

Florence Rota automatically texts daily shift invites to care workers, which they accept by tapping a link. The rota is updated automatically in real time, with no chasing or constant changes needed from managers. Rota has received a £140k grant from the government’s Innovate UK body, to help care homes recover following COVID.

Florence Academy helps care homes by making all staff training available in one simple online learning platform. Managers are provided with an automatically-updated matrix that shows whether staff training is in-date via a traffic light colour system, which is important for keeping them on track for complying with regulatory requirements.

Both rota and academy have over 1000 active daily users, and have won praise from care managers on how easy both platforms are to use.


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