99. Tern Eco Ltd – Zoe Rowswell & Kate Walmsley

Company: Tern Eco Ltd

Founders: Zoe Rowswell & Kate Walmsley

Website: https://www.tern.eco

Business: Tern is a B2B recommerce tech start up that makes it easy for retailers to launch their own trade-in programme, where customers can exchange previous purchases for store credit.


About Zoe Rowswell and Kate Walmsley and Tern Eco Ltd

Trade-in drives customer retention and loyalty whilst unlocking circular models, such as resale and recycling, to extend the life of products and create new revenue streams.

Founded in 2020 by eCommerce experts Kate Walmsley and Zoe Rowswell, tern was created in direct response to a rapidly changing retail landscape, awareness of the climate crisis, accelerated growth of the secondhand market, and a lack of solutions for retailers looking to introduce circularity into their business.



The core product is a customisable plug and play ecommerce app, with rules-based pricing, integrated logistics and data-rich analytics. Currently available for retailers on Shopify. It is the only sector agnostic SaaS solution automating trade-in for DTC retailers, and the only service specifically designed to support SMEs.

Launched into beta at the end of last year, 2022 has been a year of development and growth for the business, and tern recently hit a major milestone, partnering with the industry leading sustainable childrenswear brand, Polarn O.Pyret to scale their second hand service. The tern trade-in app is now live on the PO.P website, making it incredibly easy for time-pressed parents to sell their pre-loved purchases – and the reclaimed inventory is being directly resold by the brand. Not surprising, the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.

With more and more retailers recognising that the traditional growth models are broken, tern are well positioned to help. The year ahead will see the addition of new customer journeys as well as global expansion, with retailers onboarding across Europe and the UK.


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