54. daysout.com – Catherine Warrilow

Company: daysout.com

Founder: Catherine Warrilow

Website:  daysout.com

Business: daysout.com is a ticketing website that aims to simplify the ticket-purchasing process for attractions in the UK.


About Catherine and daysout.com

The daysout.com website launched in 2022 with a team of six supporting everything. The website provides tickets for days out, as well as hacks, tips, and a checkout that takes less than one minute. Attractions include Merlin – Alton Towers, SeaLife, LegoLand and also Blackpool Pleasure Beach with a plan to add another 100 attractions to the site by Christmas. 

Catherine and her team put a huge amount of work into launching the website. The team designed 67 iterations of a brand look and feel. They went to all the trade events that they could, and met everyone they could meet, all to create  a pipeline of very excited partners. 




They also travelled to four countries including the USA, to speak at a key industry conference, countless cities including London for World Travel Market and Aberdeen for UKInbound. They spent time speaking on stage and telling people about daysout.com.

The company’s plans for the year ahead include expansion into selling US products in the UK – Disney, Universal and Six Flags to start. Their plans also include site innovation across personalisation, flexible payments and insurance. Their core audience are 18-34 and so the company has taken the time to understand the product, process and values that are most important to them.

The team’s focus is on immersive experiences, IP driven days out and disrupters – Karen’s Diner, retro gaming, off-the-wall days out.


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