43. Cuvva


Company: Cuvva

Founder: Freddy Macnamara

Website: cuvva.com

Business: Short-term pay-as-you-go car insurance solutions


About Cuvva

Born from a frustration at outdated car insurance policies, Freddy Macnamara decided to revolutionise the market. There were 2 key needs that Cuvva addressed: short-term coverage and pay-as-you-go car insurance policies. This in turn, along with the app-based nature of Cuvva, attracted a younger demographic relatively untapped by traditional car insurance companies.

They aimed to cut out the layers of middlemen typically associated with car insurance and offer simple and affordable solutions. It turns out there was a great demand for this and the app has been wildly popular.

Since then, Cuvva has expanded from hourly driving cover. They have broadened the car insurance policies offered, now included daily coverage policies. They have secured over £15 million in Series A funding, enabling the company to expand to include travel insurance policies.

The company now boasts an impressive 85+ team members, 175+ seconds insured and thousands of very happy customers.