97. Eseye

Company: Eseye

Website: eseye.com

CEO: Nick Earle

Business: Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity solutions provider, Eseye have helped innovate for the likes of Costa and Amazon Web Services.

About Eseye

Surrey-based Eseye is an innovative time helping companies utilise global connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT).

Current CEO and originally an investor, Nick Earle, explained to TechRound that there is a market problem of connectivity. A lot of internet devices do not have access to coverage and we should not have to live in a world where you have to raise your mobile phone to get signal or wave it up in the air. Everything should have global connectivity from your coffee maker and smart appliances like your washing machine.

Eseye’s founders designed the Zigbee communication protocol that is now used in billions of devices around the world. The team realised that the traditional cellular SIM card-based model could never provide 100% global connectivity for IoT devices, so the vision was to bring ubiquitous global connectivity, similar to what Zigbee delivers, to cellular IoT.

Using their Internet of Things approach, Eseye recently helped Costa Coffee to implement the Costa Express concept across its 10,000 plus machines, which can be found in retail stores and your local petrol stations. This smart vending machine offers an easy-to-use personalised coffee retailing experience and it means a customer can be served the same quality Costa Coffee as they get in-store.




The concept is  called ‘Barista Without a Beard’  and all the telemetry data is fed back to Costa so they can monitor the machines’ stock levels of milk, coffee and even its boiler performance. Costa can see exactly how much product is being used, how many coffees are being bought and even exactly what type of coffee, instantly.