99. Lynn’s Apothecary

Company: Lynn’s Apothecary

 Founder: Lynn Khoury Soubra

Website: lynnsapothecary.com

Business: A beauty business specialising in clean, high-performing beauty products.


About Lynn’s Apothecary

Lynn’s Apothecary is a beauty business operating both on- and offline. The startup was founded in 2016, and offers a collection of hand-selected, tried-and-tested beauty products.

The idea for Lynn’s Apothecary came after the founder, Lynn Khoury Soubra, found a clean beauty kit that had an “enlightening” effect on her skin. Impressed with the results from this product, Khoury Soubra then began to explore the beauty sector further, delving into the world of clean and effective beauty products.

Throughout her search, the founder learned about the underlying health concerns attached to a number of the mainstream beauty products, and inspired by her research, set out to create a space that only offered the very best natural and effective products within the industry.

By the end of 2016, Khoury Soubra had opened up her very first Clean Beauty Store in Beirut, Lebanon – the first of its kind to specialise in clean beauty within the region.

All products offered through Lynn’s Apothecary are firstly reviewed by their in-house technical expert, making sure they are clean, safe and effective. In doing this, the startup have built an impressive collection of clean, natural and high-performing products, ranging from well established brands to niche alternatives.