58. Technology Will Save Us

Company: Technology Will Save Us

Website: https://www.techwillsaveus.com/

Founders: Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann

Business: Technology Will Save Us is empowering children by making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) toys that encourage learning by doing, open-ended play, co-learning experiences, and FUN. As STEM subjects become more and more a part of our educational system its refreshing to see a fun and gender inclusive approach to STEM.

Technology Will Save Us has products including a elctro-dough (a play-dough that can light up or vibrate when connected to a circuit) and creative coding (a simple coding software that interacts with a wrist strap to make it light up, blink and change colour). Technology Will Save Us is offering messy, creative and cool ways for kids to practically engage with Technology away from a screen, making them feel like heroes.  there is certainly a fine line to be walked with educational toys but Technology Will Save Us is a great example of a company getting it spot on, their toys scream fun and excitement and there’s no obvious ‘lesson’ so children are free to create, innovate, play and develop skills without feeling like they’re being taught something.