1. Georgina Fairhall

Company: WAC

Founder: Georgina Fairhall

Website: https://wac.rocks

About WAC


Hourly-paid workers are more likely to be underpaid in their job role than salaried employees, with 45% admitting to being underpaid in the past, and 40% feeling they’re being taken advantage of at work. This social issue disproportionally affects lower-income households, those aged 18-24, and single parents, particularly those working in the NHS, hospitality or retail sectors.

With years of experience working in hospitality, our Founder and CEO, Georgina Fairhall, encountered the same problem in every job – she wasn’t getting paid correctly. Hours would frequently be missed, breaks wouldn’t happen, and she was routinely expected to work beyond her finish time to ‘support’ the team.

In 2018, rather than complaining, George decided to become part of the solution by founding her startup, WAC, a work and money management app designed for hourly-paid workers to take control of their finances and ensure they are paid correctly every time.

We are building a global community and empowering them to take control of their working lives, receive fair pay and have access to opportunities to live the life they deserve. Since we launched in 2020, we’ve amassed over 300,000 installs, with 25,000 monthly active users recording more than 700,000 shifts each month.

WAC has helped large chain businesses, such as KFC and ASDA, simplify out-of-date processes by inviting members of staff to input their hours on the app and use the sleek export feature to send over a detailed document of tracked shifts, enabling them to input hours more efficiently.

Over the last few months, we’ve gone from strength to strength with over 7,000 new downloads each month from viral TikTok campaigns and every 1 in 2 coming from organic word of mouth. Due to such a low cost per install, we secure an active user for as little as £1.

With a consistent approach to customer service, we boast a 4.9-star rating on the app stores across 5k reviews. One of our users has branded us an ‘absolute life saver’ as they ‘never used to track hours until I started to have hours deducted without my knowledge.’ Another stated ‘WAC is the best app for people like me, who have part-time jobs and no idea how much they are earning at the end of the month!’

Keeping hourly-paid workers at the heart of our decision-making we’re supporting people in over 36 countries around the globe. These are people who are often taken for granted by both customers and their management, who are most at risk of financial insecurity, and who are least able to take a stand against work-related abuse.

WAC is helping to change that by ending payday guessing and placing control back into the hands of employees. Having a simple, reliable and accurate means of recording hours worked has helped to give workers peace of mind.

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