6. Dan Hanton

Company: Baboodle

Founder: Dan Hanton

Website: https://baboodle.co.uk

About Baboodle


Baboodle is the UK’s first baby & toddler equipment subscription platform, allowing new & expecting parents the chance to ‘Rent Everything But The Baby’.

The baby equipment industry has two major problems. Firstly, the cost of kitting out your baby has never been higher. Parents spend thousands on items that they can’t be sure will work for them or their babies and may become redundant after only a couple of uses. Many items are only intended to be used for a few of months. For example, a Snoo Smart Sleeper retails at £1,400, but is only used for a maximum of 6 months, costing only £522 for the same time frame on Baboodle.

Secondly, the short-term nature of the industry leads to incredible amounts of waste. The average baby in the UK has a 58.6 metric-tonne carbon footprint annually, much of which is as a result of the current consumption mindset regarding baby equipment – Each baby needs a pram, a high-chair, a carrier, a crib, a cot, the list goes on. These items are outgrown and replaced multiple times within the baby’s first year. Baboodle’s subscription model tackles both the ridiculous costs and waste associated with baby equipment. Baboodle offers access to premium baby equipment over ownership, allowing parents to offer the best possible care and comfort for their baby without breaking the bank.

We are fully flexible with free returns, allowing parents to return their items as soon as they are no longer useful, reducing the pile of baby equipment that inevitably sits in the house until we have time to deal with it. Baboodle works within current consumer behaviour. Parents have already adopted a circular attitude to kitting out their baby – 59% of parents turned to buy second-hand in the baby equipment sector. Baboodle’s fully managed service means the friction associated with the peer-to-peer model is removed, ensuring convenience, reliability, hygiene and safety.

Since my sister Katie and I launched Baboodle in September 2022, consumer uptake has far outperformed our expectations. One year in, we are ahead of our initial year 3 forecasts, have partnerships with some of the UK’s largest baby equipment brands, and are working on a number of B2B partnerships that could change consumer behaviours forever.

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