2. Alexandra Rico-Lloyd, Age 26

Company: The Bike Club

Age: 26

Website: https://bikeclub.com/

Business: The Bike Club is the UK’s first monthly kids bike subscription service.


About Alexandra and The Bike Club

Alexandra started The Bike Club with her husband James, from their flat. Five years later, the company helps tens of thousands of people to help their kids start cycling.

Members of the Bike Club’s subscription program choose a bike, set up a monthly payment, and then deliver the bike directly to their door. Every time a child grows out of their current bike, The Bike Club exchanges it for the next size up.

Sustainability is a core value of the company. Not only is their core subscription service a step towards saving kids’ bikes from landfill, but they also have scheme known as reCycle. This scheme involves purchasing and refurbishing bikes that would otherwise have been thrown out. These bikes are then sent out to new families.

never buy a kids bike again

The company operates from a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Essex. They have recently secured £5.7 million in funding, over 25,000 kids’ bikes in circulation, and over 30,000 subscribers.

In 2021, The Bike Club received £7.5 million in debt facility funding. Alexandra says that this money will be used to grow their membership to 150,000 subscribers throughout the UK.

The Bike Club has recently partnered with the Bikeability trust to allow access to training and high-quality bikes for young children. This is in an effort to keep the next generation of bike rider’s safe on the roads, and to share Alexandra’s love for cycling.

What Do The Judges Think About The Bike Club?

I have heard about the Cycle to Work scheme but nothing for kids and as the mum of two boys, I think that this is a brilliant concept. The idea of promoting exercise and getting outside whilst also looking at sustainability is impressive, and Alexandra and James certainly get my vote.



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