26. Asal Tehrani, Age 25

Company: Susamusa

Age: 25

Website: https://www.susamusa.com/

Business: Susamusa is a clothing brand featured in Vogue, and worn by international supermodel Bella Hadid.

About Asal and Susamusa

Asal is the founder of Susamusa, a slow fashion label that creates vintage-inspired pieces using deadstock or vintage fabric. 

She studied Chemistry at King’s College London, never planning on becoming a designer. She built a client base using Depop, an app allowing users to resell clothes, eventually designing and selling her own clothes.

Asal started her career physically sorting through thousands of vintage items to find ones that matched her shop’s aesthetic. She learned marketing and merchandising skills along the way by a process of trial and error. By the time she graduated from her Chemistry degree, Asal had a successful Depop shop, as well as all the skills she needed to run her own label.

susamusaSoon her Depop shop was getting too popular for Asal to meet clients’ demands with curated vintage clothes. She took things into her own hands by introducing original designs inspired by the vintage aesthetic she was famous for.

All the materials Susamusa uses are deadstock or end-of-the-line, continuing the brand’s original theme of sustainability. Asal says she has saved over 70 million gallons of water that would have otherwise been wasted in creating new virgin fibres.

Susamusa has been featured in Vogue, Grazia and Elle and Asal’s designs have been worn by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Addison Rae. The shop has a cult status, with a following of over 100k customers on their Depop.



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