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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast – TechRound Talks!

Starting this July, we’ll be releasing regular podcast episodes exploring the journeys of entrepreneurs and their startups. On TechRound Talks, we discuss all things tech and startup, sharing inspiring stories from entrepreneurs to both entertain and educate. Whether you’re looking to start up a business, already a seasoned entrepreneur or simply fascinated by the UK startup scene, this is the podcast for you…


Episode 1 – Gurvin Singh Dyal AKA Mr Gurvz



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In Partnership With Extra Ordinary


We’ve partnered with the Extra Ordinary podcast, hosted by James Wallis, which explores how ordinary people achieve extra-ordinary things. Through TechRound Talks, James and the TechRound Team will be talking to exciting names from a range of different industries about inspirations, challenges, achievements and more. Watch this space!

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The Best Podcasts for Startups


The best podcasts for startups are ones that showcase entertaining and insightful perspectives into the startup world. We feel that the best podcasts, particularly for startups, are ones that help to inform in an engaging an amusing way. There are a number of super informative podcasts for startups out there, including James Willis’s Extra Ordinary and (once launched) TechRound Talks!

Through TechRound Talks, our mission is to showcase startup stories that both entertain and educate. We want to provide the best podcast content for those in the startup scene.

We’re lovers of everything startup and tech, and want to share our passion with others fascinated by the industry. On our podcast, we’ll be talking to entrepreneurs about how they started up their business, sharing with you the inspirations that fuelled their drive to start up, the challenges they’ve had with this, and the hilarious situations they find themselves in along the way.


Do Entrepreneurs Listen to Podcasts?


Yes, there are many entrepreneurs that listen to podcasts. As an entrepreneur you’re constantly learning, keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry and the best business practises to follow. It comes with the job of being a founder! And while the hustle and bustle of startup life can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, it can often take up enormous amounts of your time.

In-between spinning a million plates to keep your business running, it’s tricky finding the downtime to learn more about the industry. Podcasts provide a great way for entrepreneurs to keep informed on the latest industry news, able to listen to these on the go and keep informed in a quick, convenient way.


The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


The best podcasts for entrepreneurs are ones that help provide useful insights to help in your own business without it feeling like work. A podcast that entertains while helping you build and grow your startup.

As the voice of UK startups, we know a thing or two about what starting a business is REALLY like, the late nights and early starts, the lack of work-life balance, the stress of worrying about whether it’ll all be a success. However, we also know these pressures are managed by a tenacious drive to succeed and a genuine love for the hustle. TechRound Talks is here to capture this through entrepreneurs’ stories, offering listeners content that you can both relate to and be inspired by.


Can A Podcast Help My Business?


A podcast can help to grow and better your business in various ways. Whether you’re considering starting one up or wanting to find informative, industry-relevant ones to listen to, podcasts can be a great way to share and absorb vital knowledge about the startup scene. Below, we’ve listed some top ways a podcast can help entrepreneurs and their businesses:

  • A source to inform entrepreneurs about the latest trends and updates in their industry.
  • A platform entrepreneurs can use to boost visibility of their business.
  • Helps people learn about and network with others in the industry.
  • Can entertain and inspire, fuelling an entrepreneur’s drive for their business and industry.

There are many different ways a podcast can help you to grow your business, whether it’s to listen to inspiring entrepreneurs or be heard by the audience that matters.

Looking to get involved with the TechRound Talks podcast? Every episode, TechRound showcases inspirational entrepreneurs and their startups. If you’d like to enquire about being on the show, please contact us, and a member of the team will get back to you to discuss your interest.


What Makes a Good Business Podcast?


There are some key qualities that makes a good business podcast, including the following:

  • Focus on a central theme
  • Engaging and entertaining content
  • Regular episodes and release date schedules
  • Catering/listening to their audience
  • An authentic, unique voice

While there’s no 100% effective way to create a good business podcast, or any podcast for that matter, taking mind of these 5 top qualities and trying to incorporate them where possible can put you in a great position when starting out as a podcaster.

With TechRound Talks, we’re trying to emanate out the unique voice you know (and hopefully love!) on our site. You know us as the voice of UK startups, and with TechRound Talks, we want to show you exactly how that sounds – providing you with a personal, up-close look into the ambition and drive that helps people reach the highs and push themselves through the lows. This is the tech industry talking, this is TechRound Talks.


TechRound Talks – The Tech Startup Podcast


TechRound Talks is the tech and startup podcast you’ve been missing, exploring the good, bad and ugly sides to running your own business, particularly within the UK’s booming tech sector.

As the voice for UK startups, TechRound Talks aims to raise the profiles of top entrepreneurs across the UK and beyond. We’re here to celebrate the startup scene with regular episodes of founders telling their startup stories.


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