7. OggaDoon, Guerrilla PR and Digital Marketing

Company: OggaDoon, Guerrilla PR and Digital Marketing

Founder(s): Caroline McDonald

Website: https://oggadoon.co.uk/




OggaDoon, Guerrilla PR and Digital Marketing works with people and businesses with a passion and a purpose to create a positive social impact, from within the SaaS, healthtech, femtech, proptech, fintech, cyber, low carbon and green sectors. The team serves global clients virtually, from Bristol, Bucharest and London.

OggaDoon tells the stories of companies and how the people in them are doing good in the world. Some of those companies are building sustainable houses, some are helping cities to save the planet, and others are helping us to understand our bodies more or recover from injury. No matter who OggaDoon work with, they need to love what they do.

The phrase ‘ethical marketing company’ can make people raise their eyebrows, but OggaDoon don’t see any conflict in accelerating a brand’s growth through sharing impact, and holding to strong ethical values. “In fact, we spend most of our time at work, so having the knowledge that we are supporting firms making a positive impact is a real driver” the company claim. In terms of clients, OggaDoon work with a range of business models from B2B to B2C, co-ops to multinational companies, CICs to tech start-ups, all their clients have one thing in common – authenticity.

OggaDoon work with businesses with passion and purpose, and keep to very strong environmental actions such as working in an office that uses renewable energy and rainwater in plumbing. The company have been paperless for over 8 years ago, and reward team members with extra holiday days if they don’t fly (in the old normal of course).

Throughout the C-19 pandemic, OggaDoon has continued to trade well, with demand for its services continuing to increase. OggaDoon is based on the simple idea that clever communications gets you reach and revenue. It specialises in high impact campaigns that use a nimble and fresh approach to PR, brand and media. The company has ambitions for a different style of PR and Digital Marketing with their guerrilla approach, being lateral, pervasive, creative and effective.

Oggadoon believe that sustainability and clever technologies that empower sustainable changes are the future. Their founder Caroline McDonald spotted this earlier than everyone else and now the company are seeing more and more businesses trying to make a positive difference.


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