Smart Home Tech Can Save Over £300 Annually

Nearly a third (29%) of Brits invested in smart home technology since the beginning of lockdown, with nearly one in five (17%) people buying three or more devices in this period. Now, data reveals that investing in smart home tech will save you an average of £317.52 in energy bills each year.

Areas with the Most Smart Tech

A study by reveals that a staggering three in four (74%) people own a smart home device, which is nearly 50 million people across the country. With lockdown restrictions seeing people spending more time at home than ever before, what areas are the most reliant on smart home technology and how do they impact us?

Leeds, Sheffield and Belfast rank as the top cities with the smartest home technology, with over 80% of residents owning a smart device. Plymouth, London and Belfast also scored highly (between 77%-79%).


Max Green, Energy expert at comments

“Smart technology has transformed the way we work and now the way we live with household devices becoming more advanced to help with efficiency, cost and safety. With doorbells that can direct postmen to the right place to deliver a parcel, to smart thermostats that can allow you to adjust your heating from an app on your phone, there are many benefits of smart home technology that may make it worth the investment.”

“While many smart devices aren’t cheap to buy, it’s hard to know If they’re a good investment. In fact, our research shows there’s a lot of confusion about how much they can save on energy bills. And the savings are significant – those who own a smart home tech device have been able to save more than £300, on average.

Top Owned Smart Devices in UK homes

The Smart TV is the top owned smart device in UK homes (45%) closely followed by Smart speakers (32%). Smart thermostats, Smart light bulbs and Smart wifi routers also featured in the top five list at 18%, 17% and 16%, respectively. However, when people were asked which devices they wanted most, entertainment was not at the top of their list. In fact, two in five (41%) respondents claim a smart security camera was their most wanted piece of smart technology. This was followed by a smart doorbell at 35%. As the nation continues to spend more time indoors, feeling secure in our homes has become increasingly important.

How Does Smart Tech Impact our Safety?

Home technology is revolutionary at the moment, with more options available in the home industry than ever before. Smart security cameras with facial recognition software, smart locks and even timed lighting alone can all play a huge part in keeping our homes safer than ever before. When security is a priority for our clients, we do suggest some of the practicalities of having smart tech on board for a project.

How Does Smart Tech Help Save Money?

Smart systems are a great way to save energy by allowing dynamic demand when on the go which is a big factor especially for those in positions to not have a solid routine. In fact, the more advanced systems that we can recommend even have learning facilities to develop an understanding of the best times to switch on and off when you are in by understanding the patterns of heating and cooling in the home.

Being able to switch lighting on or off too as well as utilising light detection features like sunrise and sunset readers also helps on the electricity front as well as the gas, showing you that you can make dramatic savings every year.