11. Dockovpn Solutions

Company: Dockovpn Solutions

Founder: Alexander Litvinenko

Website: https://dockovpn.io

About Dockovpn Solutions

“Dockovpn Solutions” is a company that develops an innovative VPN product that sets out to transform the way people (and machines) are communicating today. Their goal is to let people exchange information freely and without fear, to browse the Internet anonymously and securely.

Their product lets everyone build their own private safe space – their virtual private network (VPN), where they are out of government’s and hackers’ reach, where they can explore the world without limitations.

This journey began back in 2019 as a home-grown project when their founder needed a VPN, that he could trust 100% and which he could deploy everywhere.

The requirements were: it should be open-source, it should be packaged as a docker image and should be lightweight. With this in mind, he began developing and in a few months had a working version. Soon after this he decided to start a company – “Dockovpn Solutions” to offer SAAS products to everyone.