28. vpnAlert

Company: vpnAlert

Founder: Bram Jenson & Kevin Parker

Website: https://vpnalert.com/

About vpnAlert

Bram Jansen and Kevin Parker co-founded vpnAlert in 2017. Their mission is to help people stay safe online, as “privacy is a right that shouldn’t be infringed”.

vpnAlert can help people find the perfect VPN. Whether this is for everyday entertainment purposes, for travelling or even work-related activities, vpnAlert helps people make the informed choice when it comes to VPNs today.

Jansen, Chief Editor of vpnAlert is a cybersecurity expert. He handles all of the research and provides engaging articles for readers. Parker, meanwhile, takes on more of the business side of things. With experience in the cybersecurity world also as a consultant, Parker also brings heaps of enthusiasm to the company to make everyday online activities safer for users.