3. Atlas VPN

Company: Atlas VPN

Founder: Dainius Vanagas

Website: https://atlasvpn.com

About Atlas VPN

In 2019, we noticed a gap in the VPN market. Nearly all trusted providers offered a 7-day trial and required users to purchase a premium subscription once it expired. Even if there were companies that provided free VPN services, they were outshined by the premium offerings.

Introducing Atlas VPN ā€” a service that provides top-notch security and privacy while also offering free service to users worldwide.

Naturally, as a freemium VPN provider, we do have a Premium version that offers a more extensive feature selection than our free tier. However, our mission of providing world-class security and privacy to all users, irrespective of their budget, will never fade into the background.

Most VPN services that offer free subscriptions keep their service barebones to keep their costs down. Yet, Atlas VPN decided to hire a senior team of developers with an in-depth understanding of security and privacy intricacies to keep pushing the envelope further.

Our business model helps us cover our operational costs and is the reason why we can offer a comprehensive free subscription without compromising our user privacy and security.

And we can tell that our service has truly resonated with users, as evidenced by our year-on-year growth of 150%, outpacing the average VPN market growth of 15%.

With Atlas VPN, all it takes is a single click, and your internet connection gets encrypted, so no one can see your activity or the data you share online. It also changes your virtual location by assigning you a new IP address in your chosen location, so you can bypass censorship and enjoy the internet freely as it was meant to be.

With a few extra clicks, the VPN app becomes an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for cleaner, safer, and more private browsing. For instance, you can subscribe to get notified whenever your personal information, such as your passwords, gets leaked online. You can also block dangerous websites and various trackers that follow you around the web. More experienced users will also find advanced features to further protect their online activity.

In 2021, Atlas VPN became part of Nord Security ā€” a leader in providing digital security and privacy solutions. Despite being relatively new to the VPN scene, Atlas VPN has over 13 million installs from users worldwide and is featured in leading global media publications such as TechRadar and Wired, among others.