39. VPNOnline

Company: VPNOnline

Founder: Michael Miller

Website: https://vpnonline.com/

About VPNOnline

VPNOnline was founded by Michael Miller and launched in 2019. Since then, VPNOnline has gone on to become one of the leading names in the VPN industry. In 2022, it acquired VPNThrive – one of the best websites for providing unbiased reviews of VPN services.

Today, VPNOnline helps millions of people improve their cybersecurity and privacy through VPNs. Michael, who has specialist experience in corporate cybersecurity and privacy, has led the team to great success. VPNOnline is made up of a team of several cyber security experts, including Michael himself and Brian Rucker. VPNOnline ultimately aims to make the internet a safer space for everyone and is doing so by providing guides, reviews and comparisons on the industry.