46. SaferVPN

Company: SaferVPN

Founders: Amit Bareket and Sagi Gidali

Website: https://www.safervpn.com/

About SaferVPN

SaferVPN, which began as an idea on a drawing board in 2013, has now become a leading VPN service that is trusted by millions of consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide. The company’s team of experts draw from decades of professional experience to bring their innovations to the cybersecurity SaaS industry.

At SaferVPN, the core values of acceptance, respect, transparency, and trust serve as the foundation of the company culture. The international team comprises a diverse group of individuals including artists, athletes, and tech enthusiasts, all of whom are committed to making cybersecurity easy, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone.

SaferVPN’s mission is not just a statement, but a way of life for the company. Together with the human rights crowdsourcing platform Movements.org, SaferVPN has launched #UnblocktheWeb, which provides safe and secure Internet access to activists and dissidents living in repressed societies around the world.