53. BigMama – Free VPN

Company: BigMama – Free VPN

Founder: Mohit Bhakuni

Website: https://bigma.org/

About BigMama – Free VPN

BigMama VPN is a VPN service built on the WireGuard protocol, a fast-growing VPN technology that offers instant connection, fast transfer speeds, and high-level security. Unlike legacy VPN apps, BigMama VPN spends less battery and adds less traffic overhead to users’ data plan. Users have full access to worldwide VPN servers without any sign-up, and there are no speed, time, or traffic limits. The app is free, and extra features might be available to paid customers in the future.

BigMama VPN’s server list is updated in real-time to give VPN access to users whose Internet connection is actively restricted by the user’s employer or their country’s government. The app automatically provides new endpoints if most of them get blocked. The app is developed by an international team of security and mobile engineering experts committed to a long-term vision for the app.

The app’s devices are securely bound into an anonymous P2P network that can be accessed by commercial clients for secure global routing of their Internet traffic. BigMama VPN plans to evolve the P2P network to offer routing via the P2P network to mobile users while keeping the app simple, fast, and free.