How Using a SurfShark VPN Can Enhance Your Windows Experience

With an estimated 1.5 billion daily users, Microsoft Windows is the most popular desktop operating system by some stretch. And while Microsoft is constantly releasing new versions of its flagship software and issuing patches and updates to address security concerns all the time, there’s no harm in beefing up those cyber defences even further. Using a SurfShark VPN (which is available to download at can help to make you secure online, but it can also enhance your Windows experience in a number of other ways, as well. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most attractive attributes and features of SurfShark VPN software.

Security and Safety

First and foremost, a VPN is intended to keep you and your data safe online. With sophisticated encryption technology, SurfShark can effectively mask both your IP address and any data you send over your internet connection. It has a number of other useful security features, including a kill switch which will immediately take you offline in the event of system downtime. It also uses RAM-only servers and a no-logs policy to make sure your sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.


One of the downsides of using some VPNs is the sluggish effect it has on your internet connection. By contrast, SurfShark offers a minimum of 1Gbps at all times, ensuring you’ll always be able to take advantage of fast speeds, wherever you are in the world. Meanwhile, the fact that you can connect unlimited devices to a single account and even use them all at the same time enhances the user experience (UX) even further from a connectivity point of view.

Uninhibited Surfing

Have you ever attempted to visit a webpage or view a piece of media, only to be met with a message telling you that the content isn’t available in your country? SurfShark allows you to bypass that inconvenience by selecting the port that suits your needs. That means you can mask your IP address and make it appear as though you are operating from another part of the world where the content in question is accessible. And with a sophisticated whitelisting feature, you don’t have to worry about manually switching the VPN off and on to accommodate sites which only work with your real address ever again.

Try Before You Buy

SurfShark allow their customers to try their wares before signing up to a financial commitment. With a 30-day grace period in which you can sample the goods, free of charge, you can familiarise yourself with all of the above advantages and learn through experience if SurfShark is the right VPN provider for you. That means there’s no pressure to commit to a long-term contract and no harm in trying it out for yourself.

Signing up to a SurfShark VPN subscription can help you navigate the web safely, freely and efficiently, making it a great companion tool for keeping Microsoft Windows users protected online.